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Meet USDPnation

We are The Upsidedown Pineapples and your hosts:

Phil & Kim

We are Phil & Kim...

USDPnation is all about the LIFESTYLE!  Educating, Encouraging and Enhancing the ENTIRE LIFESTYLE Experience, not just the hook up.  ​

The Lifestyle is meant to be fun! And we carry that over to this website, with events, our LIVE show, promotions, our partners, products, conversations and everything else we flip like pineapples.  

We could have written a serious about us section below but that would not be us.  To learn more: listen to our show, follow us on our social media accounts, ask us questions and have conversations with us.  Being able to both be yourself and communicate in the lifestyle are so important, why get away from that with this website. 

We truly hope to see or hear from you soon!


Remember the next time you're in the food store, grab a pineapple and flip that b!tch upsidedown! 

The Only Trusted Plastic Surgeon of Mrs. Pineapple and a few of Dem Girls
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