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Dem girls is an awesome group of ladies from all walks within the lifestyle that were chosen to represent The Upsidedownpineapple. They show everyday that the lifestyle is so much more than people judge us to be. They are your everyday Moms, Aunts, Sisters, Wives, Workers, Business Owners and Friends. The only difference is that they are ladies in the lifestyle. These ladies can usually be found somewhere building new friendships that become family, supporting each other in every way from parenting advice to sexual health to relationships and so much more. They show that women can truly be strong and independent individuals who lift each other up and straighten each other’s crowns when we need it. We are so proud to have them sharing with others our motto of “educating, encouraging and enhancing the Lifestyle “ and that it is truly “not just the hookup “.

Meet Dem Girls


Dem Girls in Hedo 2023

USDP would like to thank Brian, from Brian's Images for his time, patience & expertise photographing Dem Girls.  Some of Dem Girls Images courtesy of and taken by Brians Images.  You can Contact Brians Images here

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