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USDPnation is all about the lifestyle.  Educating, Encouraging & Enhancing the Entire lifestyle, not just the hookup!

The lifestyle is about communication, but where can you really turn to learn, have a conversation and enhance your lifestyle experience?  Here at USDPnation we want you to have a place to turn to turn when needed, it might not all be here but we can point you in the right direction.    
The answer is: We are going to walk into an orgy
The question is: The first thought of anyone walking into a swinger event for the first time.

Once you realize that you missed your initiation gangbang, you realize that navigating the lifestyle is not easy.  
Here is the USDPnation top 10 list for newbies to help get you thinking, communicating and enjoying the lifestyle.

top ten rules.png

Please Check Back Soon. More 
Information & Resources being added

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